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Changes to Xero Bank Feeds – What you need to do?

Xero bank feeds are changing due to new EU Standards coming into effect on 14th September 2019.

Most bank feeds will be replaced with new direct feeds using Open Banking. New feeds are becoming available stages based on the when the bank makes the new feeds available. We have summarised when and how your bank will be affected in the table below.

Xero will notify you when your bank feed needs updating on your company dashboard. Barclays have been the first to be updated and an example of the notification can be seen below:

If you follow the update bank connection option and enter your online banking details to access the new feed. If you do not update in time then your existing bank feed will stop importing transactions into Xero.

Please see the table below for how your bank account will be affected. If you require further information or assistance with this or any other related issues, please get in touch.

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