• Carrie Stokes

The EU Referendum

Tomorrow we will take part in what is most likely to be the most important vote in our lifetime. Whilst EU politics isn’t my area of expertise, watching the debate and reading various articles in the press it reminds me of the panic about year 2000 issues with computer software, and the loss of data / software when we reached the millennium.

All the politicians seem to have done during this campaign is confuse most of the population. Personally I believe that all this mudslinging and tit for tat has done them no favours, as most of the people I have spoken to have lost confidence in the people that are running this country.

The reality is we do not know what will happen if we exit or remain in the EU. Either way things will change, and this change won’t happen overnight. Martin Lewis seems to have put it in the most simplistic terms, the decision on how to vote needs to be based on a risk assessment approach.

Whatever the result is tomorrow, whether we stay or remain, the biggest failure will be if a large proportion of the population does not exercise their right to vote!

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