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Carrie Stokes Limited is now Spotlight Accounting Limited head over to our new website by clicking the image below:


Do you struggle with

Not having up to date financial information?

Not having finance systems in place?

Not having the time to keep on top of your accounts?

Getting confused by all the information and technical jargon?

Fed up of just been given a tax bill that you don’t understand?

Not getting the help and support that you need from your accountant?

We can help

We understand running a business can be challenging and time consuming, which is why we are here to help you:

Understand your numbers

  • With real time accounts to give an up to financial picture

  • We work with you to analyse the numbers, so you know what they mean

Save you time

  • Our tools and apps help automate the accounting process

  • We can provide a full finance function leaving you time to concentrate on growing your business

  • Our systems are all cloud based so information is at your fingertips

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What to Expect From Us

A first class client experience is fundamental in everything we do, ultimately we are here to keep you on the right side of the tax man and work with you through your business growth, so what as a client should you expect from working with us.


We supply cloud technology that automates and streamlines your accounting process.


Running a business can involve many hats.  Accounts are the last thing you want to be doing?  What we can't automate we can do for you in house.



Financial information
Our accounting systems run in in real time, giving you a complete up to date picture of your financials.  9 months after the year end is too late, you need to know where your business in now.

Fixed Fees
Our fees are all agreed in advance and paid monthly, this includes all support.  We find this avoids any nasty surprises, helps our cashflow and yours.



Jargon Free
We pride ourselves on not being another firm of accountants that use accountancy jargon.  Talking at you rather than to you.  We talk your language to help you understand your finance and taxes.



Training and support
We provide support to clients with technology and apps through in house training, online screen share and troubleshooting.


Lots of questions 
So that we can understand your business and what makes it tick, to be able to give you better advice.

Ready To Work with us?

If you like the sound of what we do and want to work with us we're ready to talk.  ​

If your worried about switching from your existing accountant don't. It is easier that you think 27% businesses work with an accountant that they want to switch fromThe process is all dealt with by us and we make it as painless as possible.


Carrie Stokes Limited

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